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Info on Skullpikes

Skullpikes were seen as hell hounds when first create so they try to stay away from humans. They were first seen in India and later again in Germany but none have been seen since.

Mating habits/times:
Mates are known as Heart Snatchs.
Skullpikes don't generally stay with another but if enough trust is built between them, Skullpikes may take mates. Mating sessions are normally in spring and lasts two days with multiple sessions in between.

Young produced:
Skullpikes can produce two or three Skullies (babies) per mate cycle (or huches). Four is a rare occurrence but anything more would result in death.

What they eat:
Skullpikes are omnivores despite their sharp fangs. They would rather eat meat but they can last on a week of plants before they start to get sick. The potential of them dying from no meat depends on how bad things are. They can also eat fruit with little to no potential of becoming sick but their strength decreases little by little; they can last up to a month on just fruit. Fruit helps their digestive system as they can't also just live off of meat.
It is best to have both meat and fruit in a meal to keep a Skullpike strong and lean.

Habitat preferred:
Any warmer habitat is preferred but if colder weather is inevitable, Skullpikes can grow their fur and adapt to their surroundings.

Differences in gender:
The "skulls" on a Skullpike's head show the gender through color. If a "skull" is white, the Skullpike is female; if a "skull" is gray, the Skullpike is male.

Other information about Skullpikes:
~ The eyes of a Skullpike MUST be two different colors: one for the pupil and the other for the "whites" of their eyes.
~ A Skullpike's fur can be various colors but the base must stay a normal fur color: ie - brown, black, gray, tan or orange. The fur turns gradually white during colder weathers to adapt to the climate.
~ As a Skullpike grows older, their fur turns more gray or black.
~ Their ears are behind the longer sections of their "skulls" and they have a great sense of sight, taste and hearing.
~ There are also rare Skullpikes that are only white or black fur with no designs and a possible brown "skull" if they are genderless.
~ A Skullpike's "noise" sound like a jaguar's yowl and a wolf's growl.

A Skullpike can grow to be nearly 300 years old but those seen nowadays, if any, are fairly young. Depending on age, Skullpikes have different names:

A baby Skullpike is known as a Skully (skullies for plural). When they are first born, they don't have a "skull" and it generally takes six to twelve months for them to grow them as well as open their eyes. Skullpikes are often rare because of this demeaning factor in Skullies. When laying down, a Skully is around 1 ft tall and when standing is about 1.5 ft tall. A Skully's eye isn't as mean looking as a Skullpike either; they're also a lot more fluffy.

A teenager Skullpike is known as a Skullite. A Skully is around 15 years old before they are known as a Skullite and must do a task only Skullites can do (just like an apprentice becomes a warrior in the Warriors series). A Skullite laying down is around 1.5 ft tall and a Skullite standing is around 2.5 ft tall.

A Skullite becomes a Skullpike around the age of 45 years old and also has a task that must be done. A Skullpike laying down is 2.5 ft tall and a Skullpike standing is 4 ft tall. By this time, the Skullpike has meaner looking eyes and has grown out its "skull" and claws. They are more tricky than any other stage and are able to run faster as well.

When a Skullpike turns more than 250 years old, they are known as a Skullcross. This goes with the Crossflights as the Skullcross are known to only be able to move with the help of these friends.
Skullpikes and Crossflights aren't just a draw them and have them species.  You have to pay 10-15 :points: for one of your own.  You'll also have to have either Darkblaze3 or I (crisisangelwolf) draw their references for you so other people can see how they look.  It's your choice who gets to draw them so don't be shy to ask one of us about them.

Keep an eye out for any specials we may have too on either of our channels.  If I'm in an artistic mood and happen to be looking for requests, that may even mean a Skullpike or Crossflight.
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